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I'm 48. For the last year I've been experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms. I'll spare you the details as you can easily Google "peri-menopausal symptoms" and then hide under a blanket. Caveat-( I'm speaking primarily as a cis woman, but including all genders in here mind you. Cis-men go through andropause and that deeply changes them as well, it's just not so visible and no matter where you are on the gender continuum you will experience hormonal changes related to aging) 
Up to age 47, I had been on the pill, then had arrhythmias (which could have been from the pill and an estrogen reaction OR could have been stress OR could have been both), but went off the pill and then moved across the country and then the fun really began.
Let's just say that I'm back on the (different) pill to manage some of the more egregious and rude symptoms (and i sadly predicted I'd have the rudest ones based on my PMDD and severe post partum depression),…

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